UltimaSerial How to convert VisualBASIC programs from using the obsoleted DataqSerial to UltimaSerial

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Before you proceed, please backup the VB program you want to convert and  install UltimaSerial

Click here if you are converting Excel VBA program.

1) Open the  VB program, identify the DataqSerial control on your form and write down its name, which is usually identified itself as DataqSerial1 if you use VB samples provided by DATAQ.

2) Delete DataqSerial control from the form.

3) Use View->Toolbox to enable the toolbox if it is not on your desktop.

4) Right-click on the toolbox and you will see an option called Components...

5) Select it and you will see all the controls available on your system

6) Find and enable the UltimaSerial control from the component list . At the same time,  remove DataqSerial from the component list

7) Insert UltimaSerial  to your form. At this point, you have two options:

Option 1: (this is good for future reference)

8a) Name the UltimaSerial control UltimaSerial1

9a) Replace all the DataqSerial1 or whatever name you found in step 1 with UltimaSerial1.

Option 2: (this is a lot simpler)

8b) Name the UltimaSerial control DataqSerial1 or whatever name you found in step 1.

Now, you are ready to go!


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