Data acquisition with UltimaSerial

How to use ActiveX in HTML page: Easy Steps To Data Acquisition with UltimaSerial (Beta Test, and provided "as is")

Last update: July 17, 2009  

1)  From Internet Explorer, save this page on the desktop of your computer (It may not run "as is" depending on the security settings of IE)

2) Change the security of your IE Browser to Low so that we can use ActiveX in web pages.

3) Open the copy of this page from your desktop.  Don't forget to answer "Yes" to the question ".... Do you want to allow it to run?"

4)  Push the Start button on the copy of this page.

5) When you are done with the testing, don't forget to change the security of your IE browser back to original setting.

To view the source codes of this program, you can either read the HTML format directly or use Visual Studio to open the project.