UltimaSerial How to use ActiveX in Microsoft Word 

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Windaq Add-ons


Specification of the sample program:

a) Acquire voltage signal between -10 to 10V via Channel 1 of DATAQ Instrument's data logger DI-194 at a rate of 240 Samples/second 
b) The data is streamed back to the PC via COM 1
c) The input signal is displayed on a scrolling waveform window

Question: Why do you want to acquire data inside a Word document?  

Answer: Think about an interactive slide show in the middle of an article during a seminar!

1) Before we start, please download and install UltimaSerial

2) Download the sample program

3) Open it with Microsoft Word 2000. 

4) Before you can try the program, please follow Tools->Macro->Security… and change the Security Level of Word to Low so that we can use ActiveX in a document.

5) Connect a DI-194 to COM 1 of your PC and push the Start button on the document

6) When you are done with the demo, please restore the Security Level.

7) To take a look at the codes, please follow Tools->Macro->Visual BASIC Editor 

8) To re-arrange the buttons and graph, please enable the Control Toolbox by right-clicking the tool bar area and check Control Toolbox, then select Design Mode. (The image below shows the Control Toolbox with Design Mode on, which is the first icon in the toolbar). When you are done with the design, change back to Run mode before you can run the program again.



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