UltimaSerial Ultimaserial Super key



When you register UltimaSerial, a super key may be issued to you so that you can embed it in your program.

To use the super key,  please enter it to the Key property of UltimaSerial before you enter the dataq key for DI-194 and invoke Start method. For example:

UltimaSerial.Key = "T1c2f345"     'The super key to enable UltimaSerial, assuming T1c2f345 is your superkey

UltimaSerial.Key = "12345678"    'The key to enable all four channels of DI-194, assuming "12345678" is the DI-194 key.


Repeat the same for UltimaWaterfall and XChart if you also use them in your program

Please do not share the super key with anyone else,  post it to public domain,  or ship your source codes along with the super key to your customers. You may ship the source codes only after you remove the super key from your program

Last update: 02/28/22

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