UltimaSerial WinDaq Software Add-on: DigitalPlot


  1. DigitalPlot supports digital rising/falling edge trigger mode that works like a logic analyzer. 
    • Up to 200000 Hz sample rate can be achieved on DI-720USB, or 180000 Hz on DI-720Ethernet
  2. DigitalPlot provides more commonly-seen digital waveforms.
    • WinDaq

    • DigitalPlot



  • Bit assignment
    • Bit 0...7: Aux 0...7 if available
    • Bit 8..15: Digital Input 0..7
  • A digital channel must be enabled in WinDaq to use this add-on.

  • Uncheck the bits in BitMask to exclude them  from the plotting. For example, if DI-149 is used, only 4 digital inputs from Bit 8 to 11 are available.

  • Four charting modes

    1. Scroll 

    2. Sweep

    3. Trigger +: Trigger on rising edge, both the trigger channel and trigger length can be modified.

    4. Trigger -: Trigger on falling edge, both the trigger channel and trigger length can be modified

  • To modify the trigger channel and trigger length

    • Click on the chart to select trigger position

    • Click on the channel annotation to select trigger channel

  • Check "HiRes" if you are running HiRes (16-bit) WinDaq. If this setting is not setup accordingly, Bit0 and Bit1 may not reflect the real state of the Aux Input 0 and 1.

  • Once the waveform is stopped, one can activate a cursor to examine the data

  • The location and dimension of the add-on are retainable.

  • Bonus forusers with paid registration
    • No time limit 


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Digital Plot

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Last update: 01/26/24