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Lab Assistant 

This add-on adds auxiliary lines to waveform.



The test operator has to increase pressure in the system over time, keeping the trace between the high and low limits outlined by lines A and C.  Line B outlines the pressure rise rate and helps him make adjustments as the test is progressing.  For example (critical numbers blurred to protect the data of our user) 



  • Up to 255 configurable auxiliary lines via an easy manageable text file, auxline.txt under the same directory where all WinDaq add-ons reside

    • Format of the configuration file, auxline.txt

      • The first line is annotations and will not be picked up by the addon

      • Each line contains five members

        1. BGR color code for the auxiliary line

        2. X position of the beginning point in second

        3. Y position of the beginning point matching the same term of the calculated channel

        4. X position of the end point in second

        5. Y position of the end point matching the same term of the calculated channel

      • Example:
        RGB Color,xBegin (sec),yBegin,xEnd (sec),yEnd

  • Aux Line button to display the configuration file

  • Copy button to copy the chart to clipboard. Please note, when the form is resized, the chart will be cleared 

  • Skip counter 

  • Calculated channel, not just a plain WinDaq channel, flexible math equation to construct readings derived from Windaq-enabled channels in real-time, such as Power =Current * Voltage.

  • True math expression with many predefined operators and functions

    • Operators include: +, -, *, /, ^, %, &, |, !, >, >=, <, <=, !=, ==

    • Functions include: abs, floor, hex, round, if, avg, bin, log, sqrt, ceil, log10, sum, max, min, acos, asin, atan, sin, sinh, cos, tan, cosh, tanh

    • To use the reading from a channel, use #n. For example, #0 is the reading from the first enabled channel in Windaq

    • To access the sample rate, use #@. 

    • The math equation parser uses standard English (United States) notation without the present of digital grouping symbol, the decimal point must be "." (period) instead of "," (comma). If your Regional and Language Setting is not English (United States), you may need to adjust it

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Lab Assistant

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Last update: 01/26/24