UltimaSerial WinDaq Add-on: Meter

Meter   (ID=7009)  

Obsolete, please use Magic Meter instead. Due to its status, it is normally installed as a hidden add-on. Please use Windaq Add-on Manager to add it to Windaq's menu if you wish to use it

This Windaq add-on provides enlarged font for text-based meter-like display for any channel under DATAQ's WinDaq  acquisition software, as well as visual alarm features (See high/low limit options below). 

To better integrate the display with Windaq, please see Magic Meter


Windaq add-on: Meter

If you can't see the video above, please click this YouTube link directly



  • Channel setting, caption, location, color, size and limits are all retainable (see screen capture above)

  • Double clicking on the digits enables the setup menu (see screen capture above)

  • High/Low limit configuration

  • Data Window to perform the following operations
    • None
    • Average: Average all readings in the data window before presenting it
    • Minimum: Display only the minimum reading within the data window
    • Maximum:  Display only the maximum reading within the data window
    • RMS:  Perform RMS for all readings within the data window
    • AC RMS:  Average all readings and use the result as offset. Remove the offset of all readings then perform RMS

  • Digital outputs for high/low limits, with the following limits (Please consider Alarm instead):
    • If multiple instances of meters are running, only *ONE* should be allowed to enable this option
    • This add-on and Digital output and Alarm are mutually exclusive. 
    • Because of the above two reasons, this feature is always off when meter is started. 
    • Digital output flags are on D2 (reading below low limit) & D3 (reading above high limit)
    • Not every points are examined. the examination frequency is around 5Hz
    • Please configure the corresponding DIOs on DI-71x to outputs if you wish to use the digital outputs with DI-71x (Latest Windaq and DATAQ activex installation is required)
    • Due to the limitations of the hardware, when using with 720/730 USBs, please make sure Windaq's maximum sample rate doesn't exceed 100K, and the sample rate is less than 50K
  • Displays channel unit  (see video demo above)

  • Intelligent Channel Select: Highlight/Select a channel in Windaq and fire up this Windaq add-on, and it will use the selected channel as its default channel  (see video demo above)

  • Bonus for users with paid registration :

    • Group Activation: Single click activate meters for ALL channels. (see video demo above)  
      Highlight/Select an inactive channel and start meters for ALL channels (see image above, 4= 0 meaning the fourth waveform is a non-existing channel). This is a time-saving feature for users with many active Windaq channels

To Use WinDaq Add-ons

  1. Confirm WinDaq 3.16 or higher is installed on your computer

  2. Install WinDaq add-ons.

  3. Start WinDaq, and you will find the WinDaq add-ons integrated into Windaq->View->Add-ons menu (see the screen capture above).

  4. Intelligent Channel Selection: Highlight/Select a channel in WinDaq and fire up the WinDaq add-on you wish, and the WinDaq add-on will use the selected channel as its default channel. 

  5. If channel index number is required for a WinDaq add-on, please enter the 0-based index to Windaq's scanlist. For example, if WinDaq has channel 3,4,6,7 enabled, one can enter 0 for channel 3, 1 for channel 4, 2 for channel 6 and 3 for channel 7.

  6. Do not change WinDaq's configurations while WinDaq add-ons are running, or some add-ons may terminate.

Last update: 02/28/22