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Here are some old  info collected from DATAQ website. They are provided absolutely "AS IS"



  • The power supply on 710 US

There are times you have to run a stand-alone 710US without the wall power supply, but you may notice it doesn't work as smooth as 710U.

Why does a non-standalone 710U work perfectly powered by a PC's USB port alone, while a stand-alone 710US only works sometimes when the wall power supply is not used?

The secret is in the power section of the device. 710U and 710US shares the same PCB, but 710 US has its wallpower circuit populated. To protect the PC's USB port, diode D5 has to be added to the USB port's power path. As the result, when the power output from the USB port is low, the volotage-drop from the diode will reset the 710US.

So, if you have to run 710US as 710U, without the wall power supply, move the jumper on JP16 from position 2-3 to 1-2 to bypass the protective diode.

Note: Please make sure you move the jumper on JP16 from position 1-2 back to 2-3 to include the protective diode when you are done with such situation.

  • DI-148 and DI-148SP Front-End:



  • DI-151 Front-end:


  • To connect external power to the latest version of DI-194


Make sure your DI-194 is not a simple rectangle shape, otherwise it is an older version of DI-194 and the following does not apply.

1) Remove R24 (100 Ohms)

2) Install diode D6

3) Install R25, the following value should be OK:

If it is between 10V to 15V, R25=1KOhms

If the voltage of the external power supply is less than 10V, R25 =330Ohms


4) Apply the external power to DI-194 via Dig 0

No need to do anything with Q3 and JP3

  • DI-710's Digital I/O




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