UltimaSerial Excel Data Acquisition

Five Excel data acquisition software are available here, with the following common features:

  1. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit Excel. 
  2. Stay outside of Excel while providing the data link between WinDaq data acquisition software and Microsoft Excel.


  1. Advanced Analog Trigger with Excel Link (for Business Pro License only)
    • This add-on sends the readings of all channels to Excel when a trigger condition is met

  2. Event-trigger Note Taker with Excel and Email Link
    • This add-on records the reading of all channels to a text/spreadsheet file when the Event flag (or push-button) is changed or the reading on a specified channel cross the threshold.
    • Time stamps
    • Both Excel and Email Link
    • Sample Application

      Automatically logs the cargo weight while it is being moved through a conveyor belt.


      1. At the end of the scale, create a mechanical switch that connects to the Event input or a pre-specified channel (a pull-up is needed in this case)

      2. Run WinDaq and this add-on

      3. The cargo will be sent to the scale through a conveyor belt

      4. The cargo will trip the switch set up in step 1

      5. The weight will be logged to Excel spread sheet as well as a specified text file (as backup, in case Excel was closed accidentaly by the user)

  3. Manual Note Taker with Excel Link
    • Single click or press a hot key to send readings directly to Excel spread sheet. Each Windaq can has its own hotkeys for its own Excel spread sheet (Please refer to Global Key option of the addon for more detail)
    • Optional Timestamp and comment

  4. Paced Note Taker with Excel Link
    • User specified timer paces the utility to send readings directly to Excel spread sheet
    • Timestamp

  5. Snap Shot Excel Link
    • Single click to send a pre-specified amount of data directly to Excel spread sheet
    • Select a specific channel or all channels
    • Optional Timestamp
    • Recycle worksheet or create new worksheet for each session


Last update: 02/28/22