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Windaq Add-ons

Hardware: All data acquisition devices  running Windaq, including (but not limited to) DI-145, DI-149, DI-155, DI-194RS, DI-154RS, DI-148U/UP, DI-158U, DI-195B, DI-245, DI-710, DI-715B, DI-718B, DI-718Bx, DI-720, DI-730, DI-788, DI-785, DI-1000TC, Transonic flowmeters and Dataforth's isoLynx SLX718. All communication modes supported by the devices

Windaq Add-on provides powerful add-on functions to DATAQ's flagship software Windaq Acquisition Software, such spectrogram, digital I/O, analog scope, DAC output. Following is the full list of Windaq add-ons:

  1. Email/Text Messaging (SMS)-enabled data acquisition, or Email link for WinDaq add-ons
  2. WinDaq Add-on Batch Operation
  3. Advanced Triggered Storage
  4. Digital and Alarm Output 
  5. Instrumentation Gauge
  6. Magic Meter
  7. Serial Output
  8. Advanced Analog Triggered Recorder
  9. Calculated Channel Recarder
  10. Waterfall Spectrogram
  11. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  12. Alarm
  13. Digital Plot
  14. FFT Viewer for WWB
  15. Oscilloscope
  16. Excel Link 
  17. Note Taker with Excel Link
  18. Remote Note Taker with Excel Link
  19. Paced Note Taker with Excel Link
  20. Event Counter
  21. Digital Input Indicators
  22. Calculated Channel
  23. Calculated Analog Output
  24. Advanced Audio and Text Commented Event  
  25. Audio & Text Event Navigator for WWB
  26. Dynamometer (Dyno) Data Acquisition Recorder
  27. Analog Output
  28. Digital Output
  29. Aux Input Indicators
  30. Windaq Add-on Manager
  31. Lab Note Taker with 3rd party instrument control
  32. Histogram
  33. OpenOfficeCalc Link
  34. MySQL Link

WinDaq add-ons is the only UltimaSerial product being supported actively. 

The following software products are in FREEZE state, with no more modification nor active support

UltimaWaterfall, XChart and UltimaMeter 

Hardware: None required

UltimaWaterfall is a 3D/2D color-scaled spectrogram waterfall display ActiveX control. It is designed for spectrum data visualization, with multiple scrolling directions available. XChart is a charting ActiveX control, featuring analog-scope like persist/fading traces, scrolling waveform, sweeping waveform, easy scaling and offsetting for single or all waveforms. UltimaMeter is an instrumentation gauge display ActiveX control. 

Starting 2017, you can use this utility to remove the adline yourself

Windaq SD Rescue

Hardware: None

This program rescues Windaq files (.wd) from corrupted, tampered or formatted SDs. This is a MUST HAVE if you use  Dataq DI-710, DI-715B, DI-718B, DI-718Bx or Dataforth's isoLynx SLX718 stand-alone data acquisition devices

Starting 2017, you can use this utility to remove the adline yourself


Hardware: Any microphone on any Windows-based PC 

Sound Analyzer generates audio (speech or music) spectrogram using any microphone attached to your PC

Starting 2017, you can use this utility to remove the adline yourself

DI-710 Scheduler

Hardware: All Ethernet and USB-based Dataq DI-710, DI-715B, DI-718B, DI-718Bx and Dataforth's isoLynx SLX718 stand-alone data acquisition devices

This provides daily/one-time recording operation for DATAQ's 710 series stand-alone data acquisition device.



DATAQ's  DI-145, DI-149, DI-148, DI-150, DI-151, DI-154, DI-158, DI-190, DI-194RS, DI-195B, DI-710, DI-715B, DI-718B, DI-718Bx, RS232 or USB modules


Last update: 12/01/16