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Instead of letting the web browser to spawn the installation after downloading, you should go to the download folder and run it as administrator. Otherwise, you may see error message like the following one

You may see warning message like the following ones. If so, click on More info to reveal the option to run the installation "Run Anyway"


Some of our installation programs are created before Windows Vista/7 was released, so you may see a Program Compatibility Assistant dialogue box at the end of the installation, questioning  if the software was installed correctly. Don't worry, you can ignore this message, it is installed correctly. 



The software products below are in freeze state with no further modification nor active support


Rev 2.0    

(.zip file format)
Rev 2.6


Windaq SD Rescue Rev 1.03             

Record Scheduler for DI-71X Rev 1.0    



Last update: 01/31/24