UltimaSerial UltimaWatefall: A 3D and 2D color-scaled spectrogram waterfall display charting ActiveX control. 

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Frequency Spectrum Waterfall Dispaly:

UltimaWaterfall is a color-scaled spectrum waterfall display ActiveX control designed for spectrum data visualization.  It provides engineers and scientists with a powerful, easy-to-use data visualization component that can be integrate seamlessly into their applications.

Free Spectrogram 3D spectrum waterfall dislplay


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Key Features:



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  • The package contains FFT1024, XChart, UltimaWaterfall and UltimaMeter, executable demos and VB samples for the charting utilities. The waveforms are generated artificially, making it a good starting point to incorporate these charting utilities with any user data.

    Two VB6 sample programs are included if you install Charting controls for everyone. If you use VisualBasic 2008 Express Edition, please get the source codes from here, For other languages, please check this out
    • demo_xchart: demonstrate how to create an user data array to send data to XChart. 
    • demo_waterfall_1024: demonstrate how to create a waveform for FFT1024 and Ultimawaterfall

  • Here are the two example in VBX2008 projects for reference (VB6 examples comes with the installations)

  • Sound Analyzer project also contains source codes to demonstrate UltimaWaterfall. UltimaSound uses the microphone on PC to display the spectrogram of audio signal
  • Further more, Windaq Add-ons package's spectrogram add-on demonstrates the use of UltimaWaterfall

Properties and methods:

More teaser video for UltimaWaterfall:


Last update: 02/24/22