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If you are starting a new project, skip this step and upgrade to the UltimaSerial (Rev 3) now!  

You should only download UltimaSerial (Version 2) for compatibility reason.

1) UltimaSerial (Version 2)

A better message handler is used to make it run better under Windows NT/2000/ME environment, especially when running VisualBASIC & Delphi. It also works well with all the programming languages listed in my tutorial pages under Windows 95/98.

Also added to this upgrade is Max/Min readings so that it is easier to catch the max/min reading of a specified AD channel in the entire duration of the test.

All the functions and methods of UltimaSerial are kept as is, so that you don't need to change anything when you use it in programming languages other than VBA.

The reason I don't simply replace the original UltimaSerial is that I don't want to give the current UltimaSerial/VBA users, and only VBA users, any possible inconvenience during the upgrade. As people say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

2) If you use UltimaSerial in the VBA editor of any Microsoft Office Products like Excel, Word or Visio, please come here to find out more info before you proceed.

3) You must install UltimaSerial (version 1) before you can upgrade it so that we can have all the glue DLLs and samples.


Click here to download UltimaSerial (version 2) Upgrade (.ZIP file)


Last update: 02/24/12

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