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  If you are using the latest LabView, please go to LabView 8 Sample

If LabView is your choice of programming language, here is a simple VI (developed under LabView 5.0) to interface DI-194 via UltimaSerial. (Contributed by our user)

Specification of the sample program:

  1. Acquire voltage signal between -10 to 10V via Channel 1 of DATAQ's data logger DI-194 at a rate of 240 Samples/second 
  2. The data is streamed back to the PC via COM 1
  3. The input signal is displayed on a scrolling waveform window
  4. If you are using UltimaSerial (version 2 or 3), the sample may NOT work. In this case, please follow the eLessons to create your own VI

Come to eLessons if this is your first time to use ActiveX control in LabView!

DI-194 example for LabView 5 (You may not be able to open it in the latest LabView)

DI-158 example for LabView 6 (You may not be able to open it in the latest LabView)




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